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Redford Bear lived to be a week away from 16-years-old. Having him as part of my family for that long is such a loss. I miss him so much! I was there when he was born and been his Mom for all these years. He was the biggest of the Pomeranian pups, had the prettiest red coat, and was the mellowest. He befriended all the other pets we had, even played with the cats! I would say he was gentle and kind. There is a special place in my heart for him and I’ll never forget this wonderful friend. We have him buried in our pet cemetery along with his dad and sister. I hope God allows him to come back to me someday at the end of this age. I’d love to see all of the
“Bear Family” romping and playing on our 15 acres near the creek. What a privilege to have known all of these wonderful dogs. They taught me so much about real love. My heart has been broken again but the years of having them were worth the cost.

  Goodbye Redford, dear friend, until we meet again.
Your grieving mom, Paula

Doug and Paula B.

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