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Rascal and Shadow

  Rascal and Shadow
We got our Rascal "Kat" in July of 1984.  Our daughter was an only child and Rascal was her playmate.  She would dress Rascal up in doll clothes, put him in a doll stroller and play with him for hours!  We think Rascal had as much fun as our daughter did!

When Rascal was 5 years old, our Vet told us if we got Rascal "a pet" that he would live longer.  Shadow "Puppy" joined our family in November 1989.  She had been taken from her mother too soon and we had to hand feed her every 2 hours.  Rascal would walk around the hot-water heat registers to keep from going anywhere near Shadow.  When she got bigger, Rascal would sit on the top of the bookshelves and drop on her as she went by.  When Rascal got tired of playing with Shadow, he would stand up on his hind legs and box with shadow so she would leave him alone.  Rascal was always very careful to keep his claws in so he did not hurt Shadow.  Rascal would bathe Shadow if he were sure we did not see him do it.  Rascal would not let Shadow touch him when they were sleeping but Rascal would lie down next to Shadow.  Shadow helped Rascal stay young and healthy and Rascal did the same for Shadow.  For three weeks after Rascal died, Shadow lay by the side of our bed and stared at the spot where Rascal would sleep.  We truly believe that Shadow missed Rascal.  On the day Shadow died we told her she was going to see Rascal-- Shadow did not seem scared to die.

Our daughter is grown now with children of her own but this is the first time we have "an empty nest".  One day, we will get other companions and they will be special in their way as our Rascal and Shadow.

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