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I got my beloved Puppy from the Humane Society in Grangeville, Idaho over 14 years ago. She was found in a dumpster with her 2 brothers. She was not the healthiest of pets initially but with help from her vet and TLC she got better and turned into the best dog in the world (yeah, I’m a bit prejudice!). Puppy and I had many adventures including road trips, fishing, and playing at Auntie and Uncle’s cabin. I could always count on her to be happy to see me when I got home and ready to play with her favorite purple ball. She was always a quiet girl, except when defending her turf…then look out!  

  She was content to lay at me feet or in my lap and loved her ears to be scratched. She had pretty big ears (see the picture) which even in sleep were generally at alert and when she heard a favorite voice (me, her Uncle Roger, and her Nana Patti) she was always quick to get up, put her head on your lap, and wait to be scratched. She is greatly missed by all of us and although there is whole in our heart, we know she is no longer in discomfort and in the end, that was the best gift I could give her.

Cathy R.

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