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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Pig came to me via a family member that found him wandering the streets of Las Vegas NV. I guess his time on the street gave him a food anxiety, he always ate like he would never get another meal. That's how he acquired the name, Pig. Being an over the road truck driver he rode with me for the next nine years. He was my constant companion, I never knew how lonely I was driving by myself until he filled that void. He was a very smart cat and when I told him it was time for bed he would often jump into bed. He hated being left alone and was very vocal when we got home after leaving him even for the day. 
He must have been sick for awhile but the signs were very subtle and he was beyond help when I found out how sick he was. I will miss him every day, at every turn in the road.





Dae and Terry

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