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Our Tiri (pictured here on the left, leaning on her sister, Serafina) passed away at only 5 years old.  She was fearless, an adventurer.  When she was a kitten, the first night we had her, she crawled inside a lamp.  When we drove cross-country, she was always ready to leave in the morning, going into her carrier without any fuss, and she quietly enjoyed the ride.  Sometimes she was aloof and seemed to look down her nose at the world from her perch on the cat tree.  Most of the time Tiri was a great giver of love.  She always took care of her sister, Sera, and delighted in grooming her and making her purr.  She greeted us like a little ray of sunshine when we came home, when we awoke in the morning, when we got out of the shower.  She came in to say goodnight almost every night as we were going to bed, kneading the covers and meowing as we pet her.  Tiri loved having her belly rubbed and her face rubbed, or better yet, both at the same time.  When we rubbed her belly, she would often rub her face with her back feet.  She loved playing with paper and would prance around proudly with it in her mouth when she got it from the printer.  She also loved sitting on warm pizza boxes, wrestling with her sister, chewing on string, and jumping into the dryer (even if she had to claw her way up one of our backs to do it!).  We will always love our “Tiri Love,” and we miss her very much.

The Sheetz Family

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