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We have often said that Oliver came to us by accident because I walked into a pet store one day to purchase Christmas presents for the dogs in the family and there he was being led to a cage in the adoption section of the store.  He had the most adorable face I had ever seen.  We had lost our previous dog six months prior to this encounter with Oliver.  As it turns out the Human Society was looking for someone to foster Oliver over the holidays and of course he was so cute, how could we resist.  He came to our home the next weekend and never left.  As we look back on it now we know that our meeting wasn’t an accident.  He needed us and we needed him.  Oliver had many health problems over the almost 10 years he was with us.  He survived cancer twice, lost one eye, one ear and in the last 2 ½ years of his life he had Alzheimer’s.  Amazingly he continued to be the most wonderful, affectionate, sweet and of course cutest dog we have ever known.  In his younger years he would follow the lawnmower to be close to whom ever was mowing, would chase us around the house until we couldn’t run any more, would go for long wanders in the pasture and of course was always ready to go for a walk.  In his later years he still enjoyed his walks although we ended up taking him in a wagon most of the way and he loved laying in one our laps after dinner in the recliner.  On June 30, 2007 he lost his final battle and we had to let him go.  Oliver will always live on in our hearts and although someday we may find another dog that needs our love we will never forget Oliver.  We want to thank Dr. Jackie Rinta and Dr. Christine Johnson of the Neighborhood Pet Clinic for the wonderful care they gave Oliver over the years and also for contributing to this memorial fund in Oliver’s name.  We love you Oliver wherever you are.

Jan J. and Lowell N.


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