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November Rain


November Rain

17 Aug 1991 - 20 Feb 2007

November Rain was born at Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri on 17 August 1991.  November Rain was the only black Chow Chow in the litter.  I elected to take the cream color Chow Chow but November Rain made the decision on her own by untying the shoes of my wife and son.  November Rain made an impact on our lives early on.  While stationed in Germany my family resided in a German apartment type complex.  November Rain is responsible for saving the lives of my family.  My family and I were awakened to a loud vicious bark in the early morning hour to witness the balcony and living room area on fire.  The design of the living quarters would have had us trapped in the back bedrooms if not for November Rain waking us up.  If the fire would have spread it could have had devastating results to the entire building.  November Rain enjoyed her long walks and loved to play in the snow.  In the wheat fields of Germany, November Rain enjoyed chasing field mice and pheasants.  November Rain would always greet you at the door with a kiss and she literally slept in the bed with my wife and I until early 2006 simply because she was to old to jump up on the bed in her later years.  November Rain loved her brother and would always look forward to her long walks and just playing with him.  November Rain loved her sister used to give her sister horse back rides as a small child and slept in her sister's room until her death.  November Rain knew the bed times of all family members and would insist on everybody in bed prior to her getting a good night sleep.  November Rain lived for 15 1/2 years simply because of her big heart and healthy diet.  November Rain occasionally cheated on her diet with ice cream and spaghetti.  November Rain was put to rest on 20 February 2007 after such an extensive live expectancy.  Thank you for the long fight sweetheart and for just being November Rain.  November Rain was my daughter a sister and a friend.  You are our angel baby and are in our thoughts and prayers everyday.  We love and miss you so much baby girl !!  rest in peace my love, sadly missed by your family.

Joe, Betty Jo, Roman and September   

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