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Nikkie was a wonderful cat, she was one month away from being 20 years old.  I adopted her 20 years ago when someone was giving away cats at the Pike Place Market, and we were bonded ever since.  Everyone loved her, she was a very sweet, patient cat with a lot of personality.    She was a darling tabby with green eyes.  She really hung in there as long as she could with her health, as she loved he owner and wanted to stay around.   She seemed to want to go home on her last day, but her body just gave out.   She was always fairly small, but when she died she weighed less than 6 pounds due to her kidney disease. 
The veterinarians at Elliott Bay Animal Hospital worked with her for years, and she had been on medication for her kidneys and doing well for over 4 years.   They are greatly appreciated, as well as their amazing staff.  Nikkie didn't always enjoy going to the vet for her appointments as she became older, but she was very spunky, and was called "Nikkeroo" by the staff, and they said had very good self esteem and was very "opinionated."  That is one of the characteristics I really liked about Nikkie.
She will be greatly missed by myself and my friends and family who knew her, and she will always seem part of my life.

Lynn O.

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