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Nefertari passed away on April 30, 2007, shortly after her 14th birthday on April 24.  She was lucky to have spent her entire life with her mother The Barefoot Contessa and her brother "William of Orange".  Nefertari spent her years living and traveling between a Seattle houseboat and a home on San Juan Island.  Both places gave her the water that she needed.  In Seattle she was famous on her dock for catching small fish and crayfish, and on San Juan she would step into the water to fish for crabs or small fish.  She also collected litter and would carry home coffee and soft drink cups.  She was a very loving cat and will be greatly missed by her family.  Tari will always be her Grampy’s little Queen of the Nile.  She will forever rest on San Juan Island.


Andrea W. and Tim E.

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