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In Memory of Our Beloved...

Mu Shu

  Mu Shu

MU-SHU 2002- 10/11/2007  

When I saw your smiling face on the internet I fell in love and just had to give you a forever home. Such a happy guy just made me smile. I loved your big eyes, mushy snout, and the fur on your forehead,  soft as velvet. You were muscular and strong, playful, full of energy, and sometimes mischief….Getting into the garbage, eating every inedible object you found…dirty socks, paper towels, pens…anything made a good snack. Running laps around the house like a crazy dog when you were exited made me laugh. Such a curious dog you were, always sniffing the air with your big mushy snout.  Cocking you’re your head from side to side as if to say “what are you talking about?” when I spoke to you. The way you carried your bone in your mouth like it was a big cigar. I loved it when you gently bathed us with kisses with your soft smooth tongue. So cute curled up asleep snoring on your leopard print bed. For 2 short years you brought joy & happiness to my heart and our home.

My dear sweet happy MuShu boy dog is gone, the emptiness hurts.  I miss you so much. You will always have a forever home in my heart.  

Susan H.

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