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  Mrs. Beasley

Mrs. Beasley was once referred to as a "creature" rather than a dog. She was somewhere between a dog, a cat, and a human. She was adopted through a program that placed pets for people living with HIV/AIDS who got too sick to care for their pets. One knew that Mrs. Beasley had been a caregiver, she just had a special way about her that made you feel good when she was around. Even those who "don't like small dogs", fell in love with The Beaz. She leaves a legacy that whenever one sees a cute fuzzy something, whether it be a dog, a cat, an otter, a lion, a bird, or basically anything with hair or fur ... one must yell out loudly "BEAZO!"  

  We will forever rate our state of health as feeling 80% beazo, or 95% beazo. She was a true companion and friend until the end. We always wanted to know exactly what kind of dog she was so that we could replicate the breed, but you know, there will only ever be one Beazo. She was the best.

The Fritz Family

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