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In Memory of Our Beloved...



10-1-94 -  7-21-07
Our Little Miss Molly was a joy to our family all during her 12½ years.  She came
to us for Christmas in 1994 and loved us unconditionally. She was full of life and fun and was our baby.
She loved playing with her toys, having her tummy rubbed and running up and down the basement steps.  When her eyes started failing she still enjoyed going outside even though there were occasionally deer in the back yard…..they tolerated her for the most part and, once in a while, she would see them standing there. 
She had fun riding in the boat and once she accidentally went for a swim when we were coming in; she actually swam under the boat and came up next to the dock, boy, was she happy to get back with Mom and Dad. 
Everyone was her friend, whether she knew them or not; it didn't matter who came to the door, as far as she was concerned they were there to see her.
We love you and miss you, Molly, and you'll always be in our hearts.


Warren and Diane W.

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