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MOLLY was a typical female. She had her "daddy," Chuck wrapped around her little paw. It was fun to watch her use her "feminine wiles" to get what she wanted. One day, after using several techniques to get something she wanted, and each time Chuck said, NO.
She jumped up on the couch next to him, sat up, and fell into his
arms. She gazed up at him and patted him on the cheek with her paw.
Needless to say, she won.
We called her "Miss Goody Four Paws" as she never got into, or chewed on, anything, even as a puppy. Molly loved vegetables, especially tomatoes. Each summer, she would supervise Chuck planting, watering and tending the tomatoes. Every day she would inspect the tomato plants and wait at Chuck’s side for a tomato snack when he picked the fruit. One day, we watched her making her daily inspection tour. She found a nice juicy ripe tomato at her level and helped herself. We didn’t realize our "Miss Goody Four Paws" would ever be a" tomato thief". Nobody will, or could, ever forget Molly.

Charles M.

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