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In Memory of Our Beloved...



My Moe was truly one of a kind. He was my baby. He was a forever cuddler and such an unconditional source of love. The joy he brought to me and our family was enormous. My grief has been tremendous. His lymphoma overtook him very quickly and unexpectedly. We are left with many photos and the love we will always have for him in our hearts. Our home is a constant reminder of him, from making our bed - he loved to fight the sheets, to going to bed - he slept on my side like a baby every night and of course I could list an endless amount of memories we have that make us miss him so much. A true member of our family has left us and we miss him so much. We find ourselves feeling lucky and blessed to have rescued him from a shelter and giving him so much love, care and affection. We wouldn't have it any other way but the loss is so hard. He is our forever cat, forever in our hearts.

Tricia B.

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