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Eleven years ago, we opened our front door and in walked this beautifully elegant cat. I don't know how he arrived here or why he picked us, but I have never been so fortunate as to have had the privilege of being the companion of this little friend. Our bond was immediate and the unconditional love was immeasurable. He was kind, cunning, intelligent and beguiling and yet incredibly affectionate, sensitive, docile and strong.
Strong of heart and strong of mind.
Mischa's final years were met with a series of debilitating ailments, which he battled back from in part from my commitment to his care but mostly due to his desire to remain an active part of the family. His devotion to us was unyielding and it perpetuated his healing through the illnesses that eventually consumed his body.
To watch the world from his eyes was to find delight in most anything; from the rustling of tissue paper to the breeze on his whiskers he made us see that joy could be found in every moment without pretext or searching. Every day with Mischa was a blessing. His presence enriched our lives and filled our hearts. I would hug Mischa, he would purr effortlessly and hug me back and all was right in the world, that was the remarkable power of my little friend.

Hanya and Marc S.

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