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Milo came into my life when he was just 3 weeks old.  I brought him home when he was 8 weeks old and he was soon known as “the little man”.  Milo was a sweet, loving and independent dog; he never wanted to be a “lap” dog, but preferred to be right by my side…usually on the floor!  He was raised with Simon, a German Shepard/Husky mix and Milo was pretty sure he was a big dog too, just like Simon! When we lost Simon, we got our Labrador Retriever, Norman, and even then, Milo was still pretty sure that he was a big dog!  Milo loved to dig in the sand when I took him to the beach or camping-He loved getting dirty!!  He loved to chase Norman around the yard.  Man, was that was a sight to see…a little 18 pound Shih-tzu chasing an 80 pound Lab around!  You would sometimes find Milo and our cat, Dolby, “play-fighting” and pouncing on each other. 
We discovered in November of 2006 that Milo had a Liver tumor and tumors on his Adrenal glands.  Due to the location of these tumors, surgery was not a treatment option.  We did all we could to keep him comfortable and pain-free, but ultimately we made the humane and compassionate decision on March 9th to send him over the Rainbow Bridge.  I know he is playing with his buddy, Simon; happy, content and finally pain-free.
Milo was my first dog as a “grown-up”, and I was lucky enough to have had almost 13 years with him.  He was a sweet, loving little guy and I will miss him and all of the little “quirks” that made him…Milo, my little man.  I will never forget him or the joy and love he gave so unconditionally.

Chrisy and Derek S.

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