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Milo came into my life when I was only three years old. He wasn't a stray, he was owned by some Italian lady down the road that had won him in a competition at the local bar. I remember, every day when I used to walk home from Kindergarden with my Mum, he would always follow us home, and we'd always have to take him back to his owner. A couple times he brought us things, a towel with a cartoon character on it, and also a large lambs wool rug. He was ten weeks old when he was wandering around.

The last time we went to take him back, his owner told us to take him before 'she killed him from always digging up her backyard'. I named him Milo because of the Australian chocolate drink. The chocolate being brown, and the milk being white.. it seemed to fit since he was Liver and White in color. He was such a healthy, loving, loyal companion. At times I believe he understood me, and loved me a lot more then my family, or friends did. He always showed me unconditional love, even when I didn't ask for it. I miss seeing those big chocolate colored eyes looking up at me as he wagged his tail, waiting for me to take him for a walk because he adored those so much.
He was an English Pointer X, except we didn't know what he was crossed with.
But he was so gentle and loving towards everyone he met, children.. adults..
he was a gentleman and my bestfriend.


  On January 15th 2007, my family and I made the heartbreaking decision to put my bestfriend of seventeen years to sleep. He heard a bad heart murmur, but that wasnt the bad thing. He had liver problems and he had bad arthritus in his hips, making it painful for him to walk as he legs were starting to give way. His heart murmur was stopping the oxygen flow through his body. We had him put to sleep, and then buried in our backyard. I miss him everyday, and I'll never forget him. I love him so much, and I only hope he'll forgive me for making the decision to take his life away. There will never be another pet like him in my life.

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