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Milo was adopted into our family through the Seattle Beagle Rescue. Every weekday he would rise with the sun and head downstairs for his morning routine - a drink of water and some time outside. He would make a perimeter of the yard and make sure all was secure. Then, he would come inside and sleep next to the office desk while Carson worked away at the computer. Milo was a loyal and faithful companion. Whatever room we inhabited Milo was a constant comrade, usually napping, on a pillow or blanket at our feet.Many who came to our house will remember Milo's love of food and his ability to preform for a morsel dropped in his direction.  

  We'll miss his little "dance". Milo's most beloved trait was the way he charmed his way into hearts of our friends and family. Even those who were not "dog people" would make the exception for Milo. Who could resist those puppy dog eyes? Milo would close his day with another perimeter around the yard and then make his way upstairs - first to check the baby and then to settle into sleep next to our bed. Milo loved Cort and was beginning to see him as his most willing petter. He often sidled up to Cort and assumed the petting position, a stance many visitors are familiar with. We're sure the old codger is up in heaven now, checking the perimeter and making sure all is well. He will be forever loved.

The Cook Family

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