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We are deeply touched by the memorial contribution in our dear Miko's name by her doctors. They each loved her, and we appreciate them so much for their effort to save her. In the end, it wasn't meant to be. She was such a part of my wife and I. I got my first dog when I was six months old...a very long time ago, and have had many over the years. Miko was different. She was the smartest dog we ever saw, the most fun-loving, well, you name it. She would sit and watch any show with animals in it, going up to the big screen and putting her nose on them...sometimes following them off the edge of the screen, then looking around the corner for them. Her favorite was watching the annual two nights of the New York Kennel Club Show. She would sit with us for the whole two hours each night, totally focused on the show, getting up several times each evening to put her nose on a favorite. Some were relatives as she was the grand-daughter of a best-in-show of that event, being from that famous Lake Cove Kennel in Florida. She was an astonishing beauty that stopped people wherever we were with her....and she was the biggest tomboy jump-in-the-lake ragamuffin you ever saw. Here's a little sample of her zest for life, her tease to us to play tag with her, her ready to do anything you want anytime personality, and a great athlete to boot. We miss her so.

The Ahlstrom Family

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