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Our sweet little Maui-Maui kat died this morning after 2 weeks of winding down with lung cancer. We had a wonderful last 2 weeks with her, evening and middle of the night petting and purring sessions to keep her spirits up and pay her the dues she deserved as a true sweetheart and pal. She just always wanted to please, and was a one of a kind kat, who always put a smile on your face. Whether she was climbing into the refrigerator when she saw an open door, jumping off the sailboat into the dinghy below (then giving you this look like “uh-oh, how am I going to get back up now?!”), or knocking over a vase with flowers when she jumped up onto the table, she was ALWAYS underfoot! But ALWAYS made us SMILE. You could never get mad at her, she was just kurious, klutzy and kute!

  Maui, along with brother Jackson, also have the distinguished honor of having perfect attendance in the Thursday night Downtown Sailing Series race for 3-years running. That is better than Kirk or Heidi. When we were out of town and had guest skippers race our boat several times, Maui was the boss...

Our little girl was a BIG part of our family and will be sorely missed but all three of us (Jackson in particular, as he cared for his sister so much these past two weeks.) But we’ll always be left with a smile when ever we think of her.

Heidi and Kirk H.

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