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In Memory of Our Beloved...


I adopted Mason from an animal shelter in Billings, Montana in the fall of 2001. The day I moved into my first apartment, Mason moved in with me. The family grew and we moved to Washington, but Mason was always with me. He even sat on the front seat as we drove 16 hours to our new home. Eventually our family consisted of three other cats and a dog, and Mason helped take care of everyone. He even made sure everyone had frequent baths. He continued his duties after he was diagnosed with diabetes, and let us know when it was time for his insulin shot, twice a day. If I overslept, he would paw at my face and head until I woke up. Mason sat with me always, no matter what I was doing, and at night he shared half of his pillow with me. He was such a sweet cat, and he was friendly to everyone he met. When we lost Mason to heart-failure at the end of February, 2007, it was a sudden and unexpected shock. Our household is still trying to adjust to his absence. We will fondly remember the time we had with him.

We'll miss you, Mace, my Mason.

Kacee B.

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