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Maizey was  a sweet sweet cat.  She was here so briefly only 4 years. Two of them I was priviledged to share with her.  She came from a rescue agency and the day I drove into the parking lot She spotted me from her cage and as soon as I walked into the door I was drawn to her!  Our paths crossed that day and our lives intertwined for the next 2 years.  Sadly not long enough but long enough for her to know she was a beloved pet and family member.  We shall all miss her.

Message from Maizey-Malonne
Greetings from the Clouds Above,
A message for the ones I love.
I know you miss me, I know you do
I ‘m now in Heaven and  I miss you too.
A friend met me at the Pearly Gates
She knew I was coming and she wasn’t late
Softly she  wispurred as she welcomed me HOME
Your journey’s complete      Miss Maizey-Malonne.
We’ve become good friends
 and that’s a fact
Her name by the way is  Maimee Cat.
Gerbels, hamsters and cute “pocket pets”
All talk of our trip to our beloved Vet
As our owners released us from our pain
Their tears fell like summer rain.
The hardest thing a pet owner does
Is to set free the pets they love
But the time comes when we must part
We’ll live forever in your Heart.
Heaven’s sunshine is warm, it never gets cold
We are young, we’ll never grow old
We earned our WINGS, we want to stay
When you are ready, we’ll show you the way.
I bid you Peace from the Clouds Above
Remember Always,   
 You gave me love.
May God Bless Us All
Miss Maizey-Malonne
October 1, 2007


Pat D.



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