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Maggie, AKA "Baggy Maggie, Bad Dog Maggie, Maggie Mae, Magdalena, Sags, Raptor Dog, Miss Rumpumkins, El Destructo Dog, Kung Fu Dog, and last but not least, The Coolest Dog in the World" departed this dimension on March 2, 2007.
Her wake of destruction included a neighborhood cat, dogs, a Canadian goose, our pet rat, 3 1/2 seat belts, the back seat of our Volvo, two outside bushes and various articles of clothing. She ate not one, but two doghouses. She may have caused us a lot of trouble, but she made sure our faces were washed and clean, made us laugh with her wrinkly face and her misdeeds became local legends. We called her our $6,000 free dog. While Maggie mellowed with age, she remained eccentric, goofy and ever vigilant.
Her life, her weirdness (she could stare us awake), her loyalty and her legendary "wake of destruction" made her a great "bad dog." She is more than missed. The Coolest Dog in the World was 15 1/2 when she gently left this world for "target animal" heaven.
Maggie is pictured in her favorite chew toy, our 1986 Volvo.

Deanna and Marshall K.

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