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In Memory of Our Beloved...


Mama’s, Mags, Maggie, tuna noodle casseroleee’ or Piggy Dog…It didn’t matter what we called her, she came. She was brought home on a wintery day to our house from the local “zoo”-or so the pet shop called itself. On the way home we found that the less than 1lb puppy was infested with fleas. We didn’t care. We had begged and begged for this little thing for days and when we finally got her, all we could do was love her, fleas and all. We had Dobermans, not Poodle/Chihuahua mixes, but she fit in on the farm as well as any of the other animals we brought home to love.

Maggie (properly named) appeared to us as one of the “Simpson’s” with her wavy curls and spunky attitude. She took on the best, she would stare down the cows, run around the hay fields, she even assisted with moving irrigation pipes, and she had a sense of being “the protector” as our guard dog (out ruling the Dobies). She would stand shoulder to shoulder or shoulder to foot with the Dobermans in protecting us. Maggie loved Sebastian or Sabby the cat and would have one on one wrestling matches, jumping around to provoke him. One of the cats had kittens once, and Maggie took it upon herself to carry them around. On accident she broke one of the kittens neck. That little dog was so very sad. Maggie was a lover, she played to her hearts content. The most enjoyable experience of Maggie was in the snow. Maggie would bounce on all fours like the deer, root in the snow like a pig in the mud and come “barking” at the door looking like a snowman. Snow balls covering her 3-inch tall legs. Maggie was so many things that we could not even express in a short paragraph all she was to us. Maggie was a wonderful and specially made little addition to our family and lives. During the last days of Maggie’s life she became a little senile and blind, and even in that state, she would still bring out her best with things that excited her. She was a joy, she was an absolute joy to have and we are at a loss with out her. Maggie thank you for touching our lives for 16 plus years and allowing us to experience such a wonderful little spirit. We will ALWAYS love you and you will ALWAYS be remembered and missed. Love you forever and ever: Mom, Dad, Ash, Lish, and Bea.

Ashley G.

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