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It was on November 01, 1998 that Madison came to live with us.  And it was on November 01, 2007 that we received the preliminary diagnosis of Lymphoma, the disease that was to take our beloved girl from us only 25 days later.
Madison was born a tousle-headed mop amongst her smooth coated brothers and sisters, with a personality as soft as that of her coat.  It’s not hard to recognize a good dog’s soul when you see it and, when meeting her, people saw just that.  In her heart, there wasn’t a person she met who wasn’t to be loved or an outing that wasn’t an adventure to be enjoyed to its fullest, simply because she was with you
The nine years we shared with her were filled with the best of times, from puppy kisses (and puddles!) to roaring romps through fields to the slower, more sedate ambles of more mature years.   Through all of it she was our constant companion, and one would be hard pressed to find a more loving, sweet dog than the one we were blessed with.  Her loss was like a physical blow which no doubt time will ease, but the love and joy of life she took with her are irreplaceable.
She was not a shining example of the Rottweiler breed in terms of confirmation, her head was too “dished”, her back too long, and her fur (and there was a lot of it!) invariably caused people to ask when seeing her for the first what she was crossed with.  Despite all that Madison will always be “Best of Breed” in our hearts. 
Our sincere thanks to Dr. Sullivan and the staff at Bellingham Veterinary and Clinical Care for both their care of Madison as she battled with the disease, and for recognizing her importance to us through their donation to the Pet Memorial Program.

Kathy P. and Mike C.




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