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Luna was a loyal, loving and unique dog. She was a beauty, but was also practical, patient and talented. She would let the kids at Camano Island bury her in the sand and would stay still for shell, rock and stick decorations on top of the mound of sand. She was known to break up dogfights (Who was that masked dog?), as she was a peacemaker - she even protested at family tickle fights, if they looked too intense to her. She was a food-lover to the end, licking her lips as a signal that it was time for a treat. She loved car rides, and would jump into any open car door (even those of people she did not know, though she never did get lost.) She was a great sentry, barking at loud noises to protect us (sometimes even our own sneezes ). She made it to 16 years and 10 months, willing to give us kisses from beginning to end. She even got a car for her 16th birthday (OK, a toy car). We hope she gets all the treats she wants and lots of love from Grandma, Grandpa and Chris, as well as a playmate in Sally, her predecessor, who we are sure won't bite other female dogs in heaven. She was a true friend and a special and beloved family member. We would have loved to have her longer, and we will miss her very, very much.


The Noah Family



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