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When I moved to Arizona-am originally from Germany-Lucy was with me!
We all have to expect that a pet is not around us forever! But no matter when it happens(Lucy's 5th birthday was on 03/19/07) it is always a tragedy! And we always ask ourseves WHY NOW?!
Lucy was an ALPHA-female - TEXTBOOK;-)! She always tried to dominate other dogs and sometimes got into fights-nobody bwould believe it!!! But overall she was a Lab,social,friendly and the best companion someone can look for!
It is now almost a month that I had to put her down and sometimes I find myself looking back! But she is now at a better place!Does not have to suffer!!!
And as many friends she had on earth-she has now even more in "heaven"! I hope she doesn't "screw" it up there ;-)!

Hagen G.

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