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Lifetime Companion
(For Lucy)
If I sit here with paper and pen
I could think of a fantasy world and then
You and I would always be in it
Love and companionship every minute
It will seem like the real world but yet
My entire life, you’d be my loving pet
In our whole lives, we’d never age a day
We’d have all that time to share, to pat, to play
I’d watch sports and you’d eat chickens
Sadness and sorrow would be slim pickins
You could sleep all day…pee anywhere too.
If you don’t mind…I’ll think I’ll use the loo
Sixteen years together…still not enough time
Hard to make the tough times sound like a rhyme
I’ll always be there to give you what you need
Try to let me know…I’ll follow your lead
God will always watch you and lend you retreat
He’ll always have a place for you there by His feet
For you’re His creation…a beautiful creature
I was there first…then He’ll be your teacher
Oh how I wish we could always stay
So close together in every way
Grab your comforter and stay there curled
We’re going to go to the fantasy world
We’d have the world’s biggest backyard
Imagine that…it isn’t very hard
In our whole lives we’d never age a day
We’d have all that time to share, to pat, to play.
Past Echoes
(For Lucy)
You’re there in front of me
You’re there on the lawn
The Sun Shining off your fur
Just after dawn
And then we’re going to drive
Let’s go to the car
Hard to put into words
How special you are
But now when I look
It’s such a misty hue
Actually all I see
Are past echoes of you
Look at that little tush
Look at that gait
Falling daily into love
Was my constant fate
There in front of the fireplace
There on the rug
Getting down on my knees
To give you a hug
Always being close
No closer could we be
Always making sure
Some part of you is touching me
Do you feel for me
The way I do you?
Now that you’re gone
Do you miss me too?
Now my heart is broken
Only broken by a few
My lasting memories
Are past echoes of you
Ghost Dog
In school we learn to fear them
We shudder at the thought
But they really don’t exist
Another thing we’re taught
But now I miss you so much
What comfort could there be?
Except if you were a little ghost dog
So you could always follow me
I haven’t put food down for you
I hear you take a bite
I hear you drinking water
In the middle of the night
Is it a dream?
Or could it possibly be?
That now you’re a little ghost dog
So you could always follow me
I’ve fallen so far for you
Your presence sorely missed
How many things have changed now?
I’ll have to get the list
So please confirm now for me
If you will, my present suspicion
That it isn’t only there in my mind
That, in fact, you’re an apparition
And then I would be happy
Only comfort would there be
If you were a little ghost dog
Who’d always follow me
How Do I Say Thank-You When You’re Gone?
(For Lucy)
You’re getting so far from me
Me precious little friend
Always the best company
I never wanted it to end
Now you’re in the circle of life
I miss you every day
I wish you were still here
There’s something I’d like to say
When you were here, it was easy
Over you I’d always fawn
I always knew how to talk to you
But how do I say thank-you when you’re gone?
Your presence was everything
You comforted my soul
Simply to be near me
Was your only goal
You gave me your life
You gave me your health
You gave me everything I needed
Incalculable wealth
But now you are the grass
I miss patting you so much
I miss kissing you and seeing you
Bathing you and such
I always used to praise you
You always knew I cared
You wagged your tail and growled
Looked at me and stared
Because I love you so much
The grief has been so tough
I never anticipated
Anything this rough
And though you’re with God
I still see you curled-up at dawn
I still feel the need to thank you
Even though you’re gone
Letter to Lucy
How do I go on with my life as normal
When most of it was lived for you?
I do something normal for a minute
Then there’s a big hole after that
I have to keep telling myself
You don’t need to think of these things any more
Something I cared about so much…
Now I have to remind myself
That there’s no reason to care any more
That can feel injurious when you care so much
So, little by little, I need to fill the holes
I’m so angry I have to live without you now
So sad that death has wrenched you from me
I’m so sorry I never got you your backyard
That probably meant more to me than it did you
All you wanted was to be near me, wherever we were
You couldn’t wait to be invited up to the footstool
And when you got too old to jump
You just looked at me until I’d pick you up
Then you’d pick the best spot so you were touching me
Because between us, it was understood that’s what you wanted
I miss kissing you and smelling your fur so much
You always smelled heavenly
These were things that always made me think of beauty
So, as I was walking in the sun the other day
I noticed white blossoms from a tree blowing in the wind
I thought of you but wondered why in particular
Then it came to me…it was because it was so beautiful
Everything beautiful will make me think of you, Lucy
You’ll always be my good girl who gave everything to me
And now you are whole
You can see and hear again
And, God willing, some day I’ll see you again, too
I love you, little angel
I’ll never forget you

Scott L.

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