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The Bottle of Golden Walks

Lucy, my beloved Basset Hound, was with us for 13 and one half years. On almost every day of the wonderful years she spent with me, she and I would take a morning walk.  We would go out each morning to greet the new day, to smell and see and hear our world.

Lucy, born in the East Tennessee hills, thrived as a young dog. From her point of view, the best of our walks were there, in the wide open spaces and dense lush woods.  She had so much energy.  She loved to smell and hunt.  As I walked through the hills, she would take running detours in the woods chasing wood chucks, squirrels, rabbits, skunks, deer and even an unfortunate turkey or two.  The woods in Tennessee were full of all kinds of creatures. 

When we moved to Las Vegas, Lucy became a city dog.  Each day we would walk to the Hills
Park and greet other dogs and neighbors.  She always took the time to take in all the smells, of the other dogs and the kids in the park.  She loved to sit in the clovers and roll in the cool grass.  She also relished finding forgotten treasures, left by the school kids passing though the park.  Occasionally. we would see a rabbit over by the golf course, bringing back memories of the chase. 

Even on her last day, she wanted to go for her morning walk.  It was a cold morning with an icy drizzle, and there was a rainbow making an arc over the Spring Mountains.

All our walks were precious to me, even the last golden drop from the bottle of

She passed away quite suddenly, and we miss her dearly.  She was our sweetheart.

The Yucel Family

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