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I still remember the very first time I met Lucky.  In a house full of friendly bustling cats he somehow found his way to my lap, much to the surprise of his breeder.  He was always known as one of the shy cats who didn't like visitors, but for some reason he was drawn to me and I to him.  He was sick, even then, most of his litter lost to feline herpes before their eyes had even opened.  But somehow he has survived and we had found each other at last.  So my family and I took him home and our love for him grew over the years until he was such a treasured member of the family that we couldn't image life any other way.  The sounds of his joyful endeavors could always be heard throughout the house.  He would come charging from the laundry room on laundry day dragging his fresh kill of a dirty sock between his legs, jubilant in his victory over his prey.  On other days he could be found playfully batting at our other cats, trying to goad them into playful banter.  Of course there were the other many hours sprawled in front of the fire soaking up the heat or snuggled next to the warm body of one of his treasure humans.  We have felt so honored as human beings to be chosen by such a blessed creature who brought happiness to all those who he loved.  To be chosen as the privileged on whose lap he chose to sit on, was an honor indeed.  Even after two surgeries, losing an eye and most of one ear to cancer, he was one of the most beautiful cats I have ever known.  His coat shined like he radiated light from the inside and it was so soft you could get lost in stroking his back.  We will love him always and there will never be another to replace him.  His personality left an impression that will never fade from our lives and there were days when he looked at me just so and I knew that he was much more than just a cat, just a pet.  He was a kindred soul and we were blessed to be his chosen humans.

James and Kathy P.

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