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Lucky 1/9/95 to 2/7/07

This is a story about Lucky and Anna. Anna met Lucky when she was 15. Anna had never had a dog before only cats which she loved. Well Lucky, the most beautiful black lab appeared on the scene and he took one look at Anna and it was love at first sight! So the story goes they were inseparable for the rest of his life and their devotion to each other was palpable. Anna had a rocky and sometimes tenuous next 6 years and her constant companion Lucky was her solid foundation. He watched her closely and never left her side. If she was leaving he would stand at the door and look at her and say with his expressive black eyes....I am going too, right?! Anna so loved Lucky that if any little or big thing went wrong with Lucky he was off to the Vet. So his knee was replaced his fatty tumors removed, that dog was her prince from his vitamins to his dog food he received the best! So they were each others best friend and their love and devotion immeasurable. This is in memory of the best black lab, Lucky and his constant companion my beautiful daughter Anna. I love you both.

  My beloved pet Lucky died Feb 7th at 11:30 am at Queen Anne Animal Clinic. Lucky was 13 yrs old, I think. I have spent ALL of my time with Lucky since I was 15 yrs old. He went everywhere with me. I had always pictured Lucky being an old dog who would walk behind me and hang out until he was 15 at least. On Monday night the 5th of Feb we went to bed just fine, Lucky was happy and full of energy barking at us as usual. When we woke up Tues morning the 6th Lucky would not get off his bed, he would not even raise his head. We went straight to Queen Anne Animal Clinic and after taking x-rays we heard this may be the beginning of the end. Shocked and confused we took him to Access to do an ultrasound of his heart and lungs to get a better look at what fluid was making it so hard for him to breathe. We were told that he had bled into his heart sack and lungs from a tumor that nobody could find or see. He supposedly had some form of cancer and a tumor had bled. I took him home for the night and spent the whole night with him on the floor. He struggled through the night and in the morning I knew it was time. I called Queen Anne Animal clinic and they said to bring him in to talk about options. We had the best experience for such a traumatically sad event. We were informed exactly how it was all going to go and given as much time as we needed. I had never seen the Doctor that was there that day but he was truly a special human being. I never knew an Animal Clinic or group of Vets that cared so much. I want to say thank you to Queen Anne Animal Clinic and all of their Doctors.

Anna M. and Shanon F.

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