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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Lottie was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  We had lost our Golden Retriever "Harry" to cancer and when we were ready to love again, we decided that we wanted another "water" dog.  My heart wasn't ready for another Golden, so I surfed the internet and landed on a Chessie rescue site.  After researching the breed, we found Lottie.  She was located in Cincinnati.  We had her flown out, and she became a member of our family.  Unfortunately, Lottie never received love nor a kind hand from her original owner ( who dumped her off at the local Humane Shelter).  So it took about three years of love and tender care to win her over, but when we did, it was worth the wait!  To see her go from a dog that would not look you in the eyes to a girl whose eyes smiled whenever she looked at you, proves that all it takes is love!
We miss our girl, but we will never forget her.




Phillip and Mary Ann G.

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