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Miss Lily, Lady Lily, aka Lil-Bill was the sister to Emma, both of which were daughters of a feral mother I adopted form a co-worker.  Lilly was a beautiful tortoise with autumn shades of color.  All who met Lily, which were very few, because she was very private, loved her for her gentle, loving and gracious spirit. She was the most gentle, non-aggressive, gracious and loving spirited cat I’ve ever known.  In the 10 years she was with me, she never once sat on my lap . . . she would sit or lie next to me, but never in my arms or lap.  She truly was the definition of a gracious Lady and is missed beyond words.  She will forever be in my heart and in the hearts of those of my family.  When her illness became too much, with the caring help of the East Mill Plane Animal Hospital, she gently went to God’s arms purring.  God bless her for bringing us so much love.

Lynda and James J.

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