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Goodbye to my friend Lady.  Lady came to us as a rescue dog in 2000. She had been found on the streets of Tacoma and wasn't in very good shape. Some health problems from that time would always follow her but with much love and care she would have seven years with us. From a scared and nervous dog who didn't really trust anyone, she became a loving pet who wouldn't even leave her yard without one of us going with her. When we left the back gate open she would only go as far as the front porch and then bark to be let in.
            Recently I was ill for nine months and spent most of my time at home. Lady was always with me in my lap, beside me in her dog bed or in bed with me while I read or watched TV. At 8:30 p.m. she would tap me on the ankle (time for bed).
            Lady died suddenly in May of this year. She had Cushing's disease and other medical problems, but always enjoyed her life with us. She became a sweet and devoted companion and enjoyed seven-years of remarkable happiness, both for herself and us.  Goodbye Lady, you were a true friend and we will never forget you as long as we live.

Eugene and Bonnie R.

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