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In Memory of Our Beloved...



You came into this world on August 19, 1993 in Bakersfield California.  Eight weeks later you became part of our family and filled our lives with so much joy. We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful companion, always wanting to please us in every way. You were an absolute sweetheart and got along with everyone. You were a happy girl, with a tender heart and full of spirit. You gave us such unconditional love.
You loved to swim, walk on the trails and run through puddles, chase tennis balls, be a lap dog, watch TV, especially Animal Planet, attend obedience and agility classes, get chin rubs, play hide and seek and most of all be with your family. You loved living in the Olympic Rain Forest and enjoyed all it had to offer you.  You were so full of life with your own sense of humor.
We remember lying nose to nose with you, breathing in your breath, and staring into your deep, somehow mysterious big brown eyes and wishing we could speak the same language. We wanted to talk with you about life. We wanted to be sure you knew how important you were in our lives and how deeply we loved you.  We can only hope that you knew.
When cancer changed your life and ability to walk, you walked with assistance.  You enjoyed swimming in the lake in a life vest and eagerly retrieved sticks with a smile on your beautiful face. Having only three legs made it more difficult, but you kept going. You loved your daily rides, visiting all the neighbors, in your special doggyride cart .
Dr.  Stevenson, at Companion Animal Hospital in Washington State, was your lifetime friend and compassionate doctor.  We can never thank him and his staff enough for their genuine loving care.  They were always there for us. They were kind enough to honor you in this memorial program.
The excellent care you received at Northwest Veterinary Specialists in Oregon allowed us to be together much longer than we had hoped after you were diagnosed with cancer.  You were such a brave girl, never giving up for a moment and always wanting to be a part of everything.  
We miss your attention getting bark. We miss the feel of your ever-so-soft velvet ears and warm breath on our faces.  We will never forget how you changed our lives for the better.
You were our soul mate and we miss you terribly. We pray that heaven is as we imagine. Where puppies romp and play and spend their days having fun. You deserve that. We will all be together again one day.
 On September 15, 2007 it broke our hearts to let you go.
We love and miss you beyond words Katie; our tears just can’t stop flowing.
Your loving family.


Leslie and Roger B.



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