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I was not looking for a dog as my girlfriend at the time already had a dog (a furry pain in the backside), and he was a handful by himself. She on the other hand, not wanting to be outdone by her brother, who had a beautiful, well trained although spoiled Akita, wanted another dog. I came home one night to “I found an ad in the paper for the Great Dane Rescue and called….shall we go see?” More reluctant I could not have been, but off we went. What we found was a family of Danes whose owners were moving and could not take them with along. I was immediately corralled by the (at a little over a hundred pounds) runt of the litter. She was a beautiful harlequin Dane named Jewels, mostly jet black except for her chest and her paws so it looked like she had socks on. She came up to me and pinned me with her weight against my legs so I could not move, and she was in perfect position to be scratched, a habit I would find she did all too often as in that moment the bond was formed and in an hour she was towering over our heads in the back seat of my Honda Civic on her way to her new home. She was a handful at first, house training was like WWF, and she ate two, that’s TWO, lazy boy chairs, yet we became inseparable.  When I moved on ….she came with me, and for almost sixteen years she was always there for me. She doubled the life expectancy of most Great Danes and I believe that is a testament to the bond we shared and the love she received in her home, where dogs are not pets…they are truly family. She is sorely missed and where she left so many wonderful memories behind, my best friend of sixteen years has also left a small hole in my heart that will never be filled.  

Darwin C.


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