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Jesse was the most loving dog there was, even though she weighed over 100 pounds.  Jesse's death was as a result of her heart giving out after her last surgery.  In 2005 she had surgery to remove a large 8 pound mass from her shoulder.  Dr. Pernell (a fabulous vet at Spencer Springs) did not think she would come through the surgery and had to enlist the help of a another Dr. to remove the mass.  She did come through the surgery and was anxiously awaiting me to pick her up after a week's stay at Spencer Springs.  She did very well and never let the fact that she had a long scar on her leg bother her (nor the fact that her hair never grew back where it was shaved for the surgery).  Early this year a second mass developed.  This was only the size of baseball, but it seemed to be her demise.  Although the surgery went well, she never really came back to being 100% the same.  She came home and had difficulty walking.  Her legs would go out from underher and I would have to pick her up off the floor.
I had always said that when Jesse stopped eating (her favorite pass time), I would have her put to sleep.  That time had come and so I took her to see Dr. Pernell.  He took x-rays of her shoulder because I was convinced that the mass was cancerous and had spread.  But that was not the case.  She appeared to have a little gas, but other than that nothing seemed out of place - except she couldn't get off the floor.  Dr. Pernell had to help me carry her to the car and I took her home. 
Three days later she died suddenly in the back yard.  Aparently I had never realized that at the age of 12+ her heart may not have been able to take another surgery.  Her heart stopped on Friday night at around 9:30 p.m.  I called Spencer Springs and told them that Jesse had passed.  They immediately called me back and said they would meet me at the Office if I could bring her in; so my boyfriend and I moved her to the back of my car and we were met by another Doctor and his assistance.  Her ashes will be with me forever, as well as my memory of her loving to eat, loving head rubs and loving to be brushed.

Lisa C.

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