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Jersey was with me for about 14 years. We met in San Francisco at the SPCA, and she made it clear that she was the one I was supposed to bring home. I saw her in her cage, on her back, at about 4 months old. I asked the volunteer if I could hold "that one" as I pointed to her little furry body. She seemed relaxed and happy, and that was just the kind of influence I needed at that particular time in my life. When I did wrap her in my arms, she proceeded to purr so hard that drool came out of the corner of her mouth. I was sold. From San Francisco, she went with me to UC Davis for graduate school. From there, we moved to Utah and finally to Washington. She liked to sleep on my bed most nights, and with one missing hind leg, she used her front paws like ice picks to climb up the bed. Not a quiet cat, but a sweet, independent, and friendly face. I miss her and yet am grateful for our time together.

Anne B.


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