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Jake was a sweet tabby cat who followed me home one night when he was homeless and hungry. I took him in and he returned the favor with nearly seven years of love. Jake was the best companion I could ever ask for. He was always there for me, and I tried to do my best for him. Unfortunately, he came down with lung cancer. It was painful to watch him disintegrate and to feel so powerless because it was untreatable.  When it started to look like he was suffering, I made the euthanasia appointment with much pain. I asked for some time to say goodbye, and he started to die on his own in the exam room- he lay on his side, he cried out, looked up at something in the distance, and his breathing slowed. His brain was probably gone already when they gave him the pentobarbital. It was like his spirit took off. I hope he didn't suffer much and that I wasn't too late. I am still re-living that day two weeks later...
I loved him with all my heart. The house is so empty without him. I hope there really is a rainbow bridge and that we will be reunited there when I pass on.  I miss him so.

(Jake died 2/23/07. He was between 7 and 11 years old)


Sandra S.

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