College of Veterinary Medicine

In Memory of Our Beloved...


I got Jake, a Jack Russell Terrior, when an old man was giving him away at the grocery store because he couldn't stand to see his sister mistreat the dog any longer.
Well, I brought Jake home a found out right away he had some definite fear problems.    He didn't like his ears or feet touched, would have extreme anxiety attacks and start shaking all over, and his eyes seemed to have this haze over them. Over the next year we worked with Jake, along with our other dog Sam and our cat Tigger, to try and bring him some happiness.  Then one day, he suddenly just seemed to understand, and the hazy film over his eyes was gone and he just started having the best time of his life.  For the next five years he brought more joy and happiness to me and my husband than I could have imagined.  He was a jokester, a thief (of Sam's bones).

Unfortunately, last December Jake started having shortness of breath and when I took him into the vet he was diagnosed with cancer.  Jake passed away on February 10, 2007.  I feel grateful to have had such a loving dog and to have made what little time we had together as happy as possible.  Jake will always be loved
 and is still very much missed. 

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