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In Memory of Our Beloved...


Jade was a very friendly and loving Iguana, he and I were very close. Jade decided very early in our relationship that I was his partner, He was so attached to me that when I was not around he would not eat. When I was out of town my husband would try to get him to eat by putting some of my cloths by him and all he would do was curl up on them and lay there. One time I went out of town for two weeks and when I returned he was very sick because he refused to eat for anyone but me. I nursed him back to health and he was very happy to see me. After that He would lift his head up when ever I entered or left the room, we had a very special bond and I miss him dearly. Jade was so friendly he roamed the house freely and got along well with my two dogs Sarah and Mr. Tibbs and my cat Kinkie. He liked to sneak a few bites of dog every morning  on his way to the bath tub for his daily bath.  I had Jade for only six short years, he went from a little iguana that could sit in the palm of my hand to a wonderful family member who weighed over eight pounds and had to be picked up with both hands and was about four or five feet long. I Loved Jade and I will never forget the joy he brought to my life.

Cheri U.

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