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  Honey Girl

I fell in love with Pomeranians the first time I saw one at a house when I was delivering Avon. When I got home, I called an ad in the paper and drove out to Roy, WA and looked at these darling little puppies. I chose a sable female. I still remember bringing Honey-Girl home in a cardboard box on the passenger seat of my car. On the way home, I was trying to think of a name for her that would fit her and I would love calling her. Honey-Girl was it! I stopped at the Petco Store to get all of the stuff I needed for her. I wasn't at all prepared for a puppy!

  I hadn't told my son that I was getting a puppy so he was very surprised when he got home from work. Honey-Girl took to Jim right away and he to her. They were buddies. I was faithful to crate her every night when it was bed time no matter how cute and cuddly she was. One night, a couple of years later, when I was very sick, Jim didn't crate her and let her sleep with him......thus, they became sleeping buddies. I was a bit upset, but, this really was a good thing for both of them. My son, a Disabled Veteran, doesn't feel well much of the time. Honey-Girl was his 'little nurse'. They were a team.

Jim's mattress is on the good for his back. This worked good for Honey-Girl, too, especially when she had her two knee surgeries. Anyway, one time he got a dish heaped with ice cream and set it on the low table by his bed. He had to run into the kitchen to get something and when he got back, Honey-Girl was sitting at the end of his mattress, as she normally did when she was waiting for him. He went to pick up his ice
cream and it was all smoothed over on the top. He looked at her and she looked at him as if to say "What?" We laugh at this so many times. She was SO good, and would leave food alone unless we gave it to her, so this was a surprise. Maybe she thought he wouldn't notice!

Honey-Girl loved the snow..........this picture was taken in January of 2004 after she had romped around our backyard. She was SO full of energy and acted like a puppy, even at age 9.

Honey-Girl was diagnosed with 'End Stage Liver Disease' in November, 2006. She had been somewhat sick and we thought, maybe, it was just a virus of sorts, but, it wasn't. She was very, very sick. As heartbreaking as it was, we had to have her put down. We didn't want her to be in any more pain. She covered up her pain so well; we didn't realize how much she was hurting, or how sick she was. The day I took her in to Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital, it was snowing....just flurries, but it was snowing. I walked her around outside for a while because she loved the snow. I felt it was a gift for her. The doctors and staff were wonderful and I really appreciate how compassionate they were.

I go back to the day I brought her home in the cardboard box. I remember thinking as I was searching for her name....."What have I done? I'm going to hurt again when something happens to her." I had lost a Toy Fox Terrier 20 plus years before and it had taken me that long before I could bring myself to get another puppy.

I chose the right puppy and I'm glad I did get her, even though both my son and I are now aching because we miss her SO much. I have her beautiful ashes container sitting on my dining room table, just where she would have loved to have been while alive with us. She was beautiful, both in body and personality. We love her and not a moment goes by when we don't think of her. There can never be another Honey-Girl!

Corrine and Jim P.

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