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Hilda Belle
July 4, 1991 – January 2, 2007

Hilda was abandoned in a vet’s parking lot at 3 weeks; at 6 weeks she was adopted by a psychologist. She became a regular fixture in his psychotherapy office her whole life. At about 4 years of age, Hilda interrupted a contract killer and saved two women’s lives. Perhaps this favor was returned in her long-term survival (with excellent medical care and much loving!) of both a thyroid carcinoma (8 years!) and a tracheal sarcoma (4 years!) Hilda died at the old age of 15.

  “Live life.
Chase squirrels.
Sleep in the sun.
Tromp through muddy ditches.
S n i i i i i f f !
Eat, eat, eat, then snack.
Stick close to those you love, and protect them.
Drink out of every creek (crystal clear and muddy.)
Show your excitement.
Run on the beach.
Survive cancers.
Never carry a backpack.
Save some lives. (Listen to An Inner Voice.)
Oh, and pee on bird poop.”
Woof! Woof!

Dr. Mark M.

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