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In Memory of Our Beloved...



We were lucky enough to adopt Heidi and her brother, Scarecrow, in April 1988.  Scarecrow passed a few years ago and Heidi, the snooty calico, missing her brother, dramatically changed her personalily.  Suddenly, the cat who was expert at ignoring all of us, became the most loving, sweet, personalble cat.  She was with a family member at every opportunity, sleeping on Richard's lap at every chance.  She loved Richard, Eric, Melissa, Lindsay and I with no reservation.  We worked hard to extend her life, trying to make it as pleasant as possible.  But, two years ago, Heidi's kidneys began to fail.  We gave her an IV nightly, flushing out her kidneys.  But, the quality of her life became questionable recently and we had to let her go.  She will always be loved and remembered with love and joy.  She joins Scarecrow, now.  They can keep each other company.  We enjoyed her company for almost 19 years.

Richard and Magna W.

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