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What a wonderful surprise, receiving your letter informing me that a donation was made in the name of my beloved Guy by my veterinarian.  I said my final goodbye to my best friend on December 19th, 2007 at 11:27am, after spending the last 10 years, 24/7 caring and enjoying every minute with Guy, when he left, I felt that a part of me was gone forever.  I put all my love into my puppyboy and miss him sooo much that words cannot begin to explain the emptiness I feel day in and day out. Thank you!!
My friend while working in southern Washington rescued Guy, he was on death row at the local dog shelter.  Guy was passed up because of his age, almost 2 years old destined to be put down until my friend took him home. When she went off to school and was unable to take Guy with her, I said that I would care for him until she was ready for him.  Ten years later, the rest is history!!

Cesar E.




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