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In July of 1996 my husband told me that there were three ads in the paper for pug puppies. He told me that if I would agree to see all three litters before picking a puppy we could set up appointments.
Well, I didn’t need to hear that twice! I went right in and made the phone calls. Our first visit was at a beautiful home which included mom & dad pug along with a couple of cockatiels (which we had as well). It was the perfect home!
There were only 2 puppies; one little girl and one larger (5.5 lbs) male. I sat on the floor with the two of them while they literally ran up one arm, went over my head and down the other arm. Oh, my – what wild puppies!
We were immediately enamored with the male who they called Rocky. My husband said to the breeder, “I believe we’ll take Rocky.” I was thrilled and didn’t question our agreement about seeing the other litters…
“Rocky” stayed at his birth home for a few days. It was so hard to leave him there. The next Thursday, August 1, 1996, we picked him up and renamed him Gus on the way home. Gus spent the next 11 years with us.
Gus was well known for his bad habits. He stole for treats, he really disliked bicycles or skateboards passing the front of “his” house, and he barked ferociously every time the door bell rang.
Gus was well known for his goodness too. Everyone loved Gus and he reciprocated (unless you rang the doorbell!). He loved to go on vacation, go to car shows, and other outdoor activities with us. He was the star attraction and gave everyone pug kisses. Gus enjoyed his evening walks, rides in the car, and just hanging out at home with us (waiting for the next bit of food to drop on the floor). Gus even liked to go to the vet’s office!
We had a glorious 11 years with Gus. He was always there. My husband said he could even tell time – Gus always knew when it was time for me to come home from work and he would wait for me at the door. When I was home, and John left, Gus would sit and stare at the door. This was sometimes difficult when he went out of town. There were a couple of times that Gus would actually fall asleep waiting!
I miss my faithful friend. I will love and remember him forever. There will be another pug puppy in our home but never another Gus.
Goodbye my friend – I’ll see you at the bridge.


Bonnie and John C.

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