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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Gunnar was born on August 30th 2001.  He was the runt of the litter of 10 pups.  We originally were only going to keep one female puppy, but Gunnar won our hearts over instantly.  He was a keeper.  Gunnar and his sister Tobey grew up together in our home.  Gunnar would become the protector of hearth and home.
Gunnar was so devoted to us and would do whatever you wanted him to do.  He lived to please.  He loved being loved and returned that love in kind.  His untimely death in March 2007 hit our home and his sister so hard, and the emptiness we felt was overwhelming.  He filled our hearts with so much love, and when he passed, my hearts been broken ever since.  I can’t even write this without crying.  Remembering the funny and wonderful things he did makes us laugh and cry.  I have never had a dog affect me the way he did.  I look forward to seeing him again in heaven.  He belongs with the angels because that is what he was.  In the meantime he will always be missed and loved with all our hearts.

The Hunter Family

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