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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Gracie was an angel who dressed up for awhile as a gorgeous Golden Retriever. She was my true north as I navigated some of life's most difficult waters, and even now, I feel her loving and protective gaze attending me. She will always have my heart.

Gracie passed too soon at only 8 years old of a nasal tumor, but we had her twice as long as the initial prognosis, thanks to Dr. A. at Circle of Life. Dr. A. was wise enough to suggest holistic measures, which boosted Gracie's immune system and greatly enhanced her quality of life, as well as prolonging it.

I am so grateful for Circle of Life, and for the donation they made in Gracie's name. I hope more research can be done to gain a greater awareness of whether vaccinations and vaccination schedules may be compromising the health of our beloved animals. Although they are clearly a necessity, I wonder if we know enough about the risks of over vaccinating.

Thank you forever, sweet Gracie girl.

Mary E.

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