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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Gizmo was born in December 1990 in Durban South Africa where the family was living at the time and he became a very important part of our family he passed on in February 2007. In 1998 the family moved from South Africa to Mount Vernon Washington and of course Gizmo and his lady friend Missy came with us. He was a big part of our family always loved to cuddle up close to any member of the family who was sitting on the couch. When we first came to Washington for some reason he dug out under the fence 3 different times and ran away but always got back home safely. As he got older he stopped digging and after he became deaf he did not like to go to far from any of his family. He was a part of our family for so long we still find ourselves calling him for dinner when we call Missy. He will always be remembered by all of our family.

We miss you Gizmo Boy

John and Jessie W. and Family

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