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Brackenhollow's Gillian

Picture: Gillie and daughter Pippin- her gift to me.

Gillie was my #4 girl…Pippin, her daughter, being #5. Gillie was my best beach buddy. Among her other talents, she was a great outfielder, 2 ball dog, a terrific retriever, tracker and field dog. She was a devoted mother of 11 beautiful pups. She gave me more than I could ever repay. For those of us who treasure our animals, it's a long journey just getting past the tears. In time the tears turn to warm memories and teary-eyed smiles. Devoted, loving and just plain good… asking only for the touch of my hand or the sound of my voice, she was a most magnificent friend. I told her to walk just beyond the moon and wait for me there....and she will.

  Lynda N.
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